Conserving Water in the Southwest

Water is essential for any community in Arizona to survive and flourish. More importantly, water conservation is a lifestyle that all Arizonans need to embrace so that our precious water resources are used wisely and efficiently. But water conservation extends beyond just turning off the tap while you are lathering your hands. There are numerous ways that people can conserve water, and the Drop by Drop campaign will provide tips and actions that folks can take to ensure that they are doing their best to conserve water for their community.

Arizona Water Company is the second largest private water company in the State of Arizona, with over 100,000 customers in over twenty service areas. Since 2020, Arizona Water has launched five demand management (aka water conservation) programs for its communities to help empower residents with tips on conservation, information about where water for a community comes from, and providing updates on the Colorado River Shortage and current state drought conditions. On May 26th, 2023, the Drop by Drop program will launch, providing unique water conservation content geared towards the communities served by Arizona Water that are nestled north of the Catalina Mountains. These communities include SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, and San Manuel.

What to Expect

The launch of the Drop by Drop program includes the kick-off of the Facebook page and an increased effort to educate the communities on conservation resources. The Drop by Drop Facebook page will cover a unique water-related topic every month and give residents tips on how to conserve water. The page will also be a space for residents to share what conservation tips work best for them so that we can all learn from each other. Topics will range from how to check for leaks inside the home, how to conserve water indoors, and how to harvest rainwater for landscape irrigation. The Facebook page will also be a hub for videos created to educate the communities on such topics as how their water gets to them, how rainwater impacts the aquifer, and how to read their water meter. 

The goal of the Drop by Drop program is to create an accessible hub of information so that Arizona Water customers in SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, and San Manuel can learn about their water system, share their own conservation tips, and become empowered to do their part in conserving water.

Taking action

Arizona’s water resources are currently facing unprecedented issues: the state has been in a drought for over 20 years, weather and rain patterns are changing, and the Colorado River is, for the first time, in a shortage declaration. Now is the time for everyone to work together to protect our communities and ensure that there are enough water resources for today and the future. While the plentiful rains of 2022 provided some relief, it is of the utmost importance for Arizona Water Company and the communities we serve to continue fostering a culture of conservation. Secure water resources are a critical part of the future of these communities.
Save water, drop by drop!

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