Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Drop by Drop campaign?

Drop by Drop is a regional demand management (aka water conservation) program geared towards Arizona Water Company customers in the communities of SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, and San Manuel. This program includes the launch of the Drop by Drop Facebook page, an evaluation of the current conservation efforts in the region, and the launch of unique initiatives geared towards encouraging a strong water conservation ethic in the communities. The Drop by Drop Facebook page is a public education campaign that will post content weekly to educate people in the area about where their water comes from, what is going on with water resources in the state, and what they can do to conserve water while still maintaining a desired quality of life.

Who is this program created for?

All Arizona Water Company businesses and residents in SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, and San Manuel are encouraged to follow the Drop by Drop Facebook page and learn about water conservation! Anyone in the area is welcome to follow the page and learn more.

I'm already saving water. What can I do?

Thanks for taking the initiative to be water conscious. Water conservation starts with you! The Drop by Drop program wants to encourage people to look at every aspect of water use in their lives to determine where as well as how water can be conserved. If you are already doing your best to conserve water while maintaining your desired quality of life, help educate others so that we all have a strong conservation ethic. Follow the Drop by Drop Facebook page and share the posts with water actions that work best for you. The page will be posting water-saving tips and sharing the successes of residents and businesses who are helping to conserve water.

It is important that we all conserve water, but what is Arizona Water Company doing to conserve water?

The Arizona Water Company has the unique position of carefully build conservation programs for the diverse communities we serve.

Water conservation means not wasting water and using it as efficiently as possible. In addition to encouraging customers to conserve water, Arizona Water Company is also conserving water. Some actions the company is taking include: 

  • monitoring and replacing water meters
  • finding and fixing leaks in the
  • replacing older infrastructure
  • and notifying customers with high water bills 

And more! Follow the Drop by Drop Facebook page to learn more about what Arizona Water is doing to conserve and what you can do too!

Need to contact us?

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